Classic Canadian Tours

Graphic Design / Online Reputation Management / Marketing


Digital Apeel extracted that excitement and put it into creative marketing that sells not only polar bear tours but other unique Canadian experiences. We continue to brand Classic Canadian Tours as an exclusive way to visit remote and unique Canadian destinations utilizing photography and conversion centred design to capture the breathtaking wildlife and connect would-be travellers through newspaper & magazine advertising pieces.

Incredible by nature

Classic Canadian Tours provides unique Canadian vacation experiences.  Our specialty is to offer short and efficient tours to regions of Canada that are considered off the beaten track. We fly directly to these regions from major gateway cities using chartered aircraft. For over 10 years, Classic Canadian Tours signature tour has been our same day Polar Bear Safari direct from Calgary, Edmonton or Saskatoon to Churchill, Manitoba.

Online Reputation management

Because these days your online reputation is everything. We provide Classic Canadian Tours with on-going online reputation management for Google My Business, Trip Advisor and various other local sites. We monitor, respond and take action on any reviews. Digital Apeel worked with CCT to develop an in-house strategy to obtain more reviews from their customers.

“A Lasting Partnership.”

Digital Apeel has been a trusted partner for over 10 years. From creative services, online marketing to last minute time sensitive advertising, I continue to be impressed. It’s been a pleasure working with this team for so long. Our partnership continues year over year.
Bill Lamberton