Engaging Content Plan For Any Budget

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A micro guide to including engaging content on your site, blog or social media page – regardless of your budget.

When it comes to your online business, content matters. You could be in the e-commerce game, or you offer a specific service in your industry. So how do you stand out from your competition? One of the biggest setbacks that you could have in your business, even if you are an established organization or a start-up brand is underestimated the power of having an engaging content market. Why? Well, we are well and truly in a digital age! How often do you pick up your cell phone, or tablet to check out reviews, read blogs or use an app to purchase goods? So, if you want to keep your customers on your site, even if they are just window shopping is through the inclusion of engaging content.

What is engaging content?

In a nutshell, engaging content is meaningful, relevant – oh and engaging for your online users or audience. If your content is written correctly, you will be able to effectively generate and create a strong voice for your brand, as well as increasing your company’s awareness. The great thing about engaging content is that it can do a lot for your brand including an amazing increase in your sales.

Stand out from the crowd

Every site, blog, e-commerce store has some form of content, but the golden rule if you want to be successful, is to utilize your content. What we mean is, if you have savvy, interested and fun content you have essentially achieved a successful way of marketing through your content. If include appealing content, that allows your visitors to be ‘involved’ you will start to reap the rewards, trust us if you do this correctly, it is an easy strategy that will convert. As more businesses are beginning to have a more substantial online presence, you need to remain relevant, so if you are ready to stand out from the crowd, it is through the inclusion of well-crafted, engaging content. You can create an affect market strategy by engaging content, and trust us, you will reap the maximum benefits.

Hold on, how much is this going to cost me?

One of the main objectives of this blog was to highlight how you can use engaging content, regardless of your budget. Seriously, you can, we understand that you may be faced with a tight budget, so you don’t view your content as a priority. Well, now you can have it all! Whether you have an extensive or limited budget, we are going to highlight some winning ways that you can create engaging content.

Here are some top tips and tools:

Understand your customers

To achieve the success you desire, you will need to have an awareness and a solid understanding of your brand to reach your customers effectively. Understanding how your service or product can help them will provide a window into your consumer niche. Your brand awareness is the key to understanding your target market (customers).

Twitter & Facebook Polls

Leading on from the previous tip, Twitter & Facebook polls can be a brilliant asset. They allow you to create and increase the amount of engagement as they actively encourage your customers, or the audience to voice their opinions. It is a free, and effective market research strategy. A neat tip, once the poll has ended, you should ‘share’ the results with your customers, and maybe give a few ‘shout-outs’ to those who have taken the time to tweet you? Keep in mind that on Facebook Pages you can only have 2 options for your poll. On Facebook Groups, you will receive more options.

Interactive Content

Quizzes: Yet another brilliant way to generate engagement with your customers. A great tip is converting a blog or article post into a mini quiz, which will illustrate to you the level of engagement, and an understanding of your customers ‘take-away’ from the blog. But, how do you get your audience to participate? Well, you don’t want your customers to think that you are ‘assessing’ them, so maybe add a little incentive like a little giveaway or discount for the “first 5 participants”. You can use quiz platforms that are populated through Facebook – again a free tool – such as Qzzr.

Graphics: Anyone who has access to social media has seen a GIF or MEME? We have all seen them at some point, but did you know you could make your content engaging with the light hearted inclusion of the occasional GIF? We are not saying fill your content completely, just the odd one here and there that can make your audience empathize through the “art” of GIFs.

Infographics: When you think of the word “infographic” the word ‘appealing’ doesn’t really come to mind. Instead, you may worry that you will bore your audience. Well, if we consider the cliché of ‘a picture paints a thousand words,’ well it is true. You can use examples with the aid of infographics to engage and connect with your audience. They can be used as instructions, or to invoke storytelling, but if you use these correctly, you are bound to attract and retain the attention of your customers/audience. Check out SnapApp to create an infographic and interactive content.

Videos: The thought of doing a video, or a live stream can be quite daunting, in fact, terrifying if you have never done one before. But, if used correctly it is a great way to showcase ‘you’ and your brand, adding a face, a voice is far more effective than continuous blog posts. You don’t have to make tons of video, just the odd one here and there, or monthly if you really wanted too! The part about it Facebook Live can help you stream to your following, and best of all it’s free!

Oh, and if you don’t want to be seen in your video, why not use Brainshark to make your video, and Bodagalgo is excellent for your voice-overs.


Last, but certainly not least using specific tools are brilliant in making your site, blog or e-commerce store interactive. Slide shares are great, and they are visually appealing if they are implemented correctly.

Sites such as www.getstencil.com & www.zembula.com can help you quickly generate interactive and engaging content.


We hope that we have identified that to successfully create attractive, engaging content for your site, you don’t actually need a huge budget. In fact, you don’t need one at all in some instances, it’s actually about learning how to use the tools that are there for you, to create the entertaining and interactive content.



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