Show your brand behind the scenes – Facebook Live For SMB

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Facebook Live for Small Businesses

In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits using Facebook Live to promote your business, and effectively gain more customers. In a nutshell, Facebook Live is an extension that is gradually becoming more and more popular with small business owners. With social media becoming the most used tool at the moment for advertising your services or products, we feel that Facebook Live could be the ultimate tool for you and your business. We are going to discuss the simple ways in which you can utilize this to your advantage.

What is Facebook Live and more importantly how can it benefit my business?

As we have briefly touched on today’s society is a digital age. By that we mean, you can practically access anything from your mobile phone, laptop, or tablet. This same applies to Facebook Live, you might think you may need some high definition recording equipment, but that is not the case. Literally, all you need to start using this is your phone, or if you prefer laptop or tablet. We feel that if you use this to your advantage as a marketing strategy you can effectively supercharge your business to the next level. Facebook Live is essential a tool for live streaming, straight from your smartphone or laptop. Basically, what your phone is recording, the rest of Facebook will see too, and people can instantly tune into your live stream.

The fact that anyone can watch, means that you will be instantly opening your market up, both to your friends and customers. A nice way of viewing Facebook Live is that is your very own TV channel, and it is simpler and its own way more effective to use that YouTube for example. You also have the freedom to stream however often you feel is necessary. You can stream on a regular basis so you can promote your product services or business in general, or if you have any new promotions or events. It is as easy as video call to your friends, and sometimes thinking of it in this way can perhaps get over the initial nerves that you may have when it comes to doing your first stream. Another cool feature is the fact that you can get an instant response from the people that you are reaching, and you can see if they are interested and see their thoughts – if they chose to type them. By this we mean, Facebook Live has a component in which it lets your audience type messages whilst you are streaming.

Don’t worry about the number of Viewers on your first live stream

We understand that the thought of putting yourself of the camera can be a daunting process especially if it is something that you have never done before. Another point is that you might worry about the number of views that you will or will not receive, and essentially talk yourself out of the process. If you only reach one person on your live stream, that still one potential customer. As you start to gain confidence and experience with using this tool you will see your numbers will start to increase on their own.

Showing your face can showcase your business

An important point to remember, don’t feel like you can’t tell your viewer(s) that you are nervous. In fact, do the opposite, explain that this is your first Live Stream and would love to hear their feedback. You should then gain some nice tips – occasionally not so nice tips but it can be constructive criticism nonetheless and will allow you to start developing your ‘camera’ self professionally. By being honest with your viewers, you have then opened up a nice gateway of trust to your potential customers. They will see from the first Live Stream that you are an honest person, people want to buy into you, not just the brand or product that you are selling. If Facebook Live is implemented correctly, you should start to gain a decent reputation for being a trusted brand.

Types of Live Streams You Can Start With:

– Product launches
– Sales launches
– Tradeshows
– Live events
– Team events
– Answering Questions (Live Q&A)
– Show off behind the scenes
– Tutorials and educating the public

Three Reasons you should use Facebook Live:

  1. It is a cost-effective advertising and marketing strategy – it is completely free, so why not use this to your advantage. Even if it’s to promote occasionally, it’s a tool that should be taken advantage of.
  2. It can create excitement for your new products, promotions or events – from the research, we have seen, when you start to find your feet, if you plan correctly before going Live to promote an event or new product, you will start to see more success.
  3. It is simple to use – as we have discussed in the article, all you need essentially is a mobile phone, and you are up and running.

So, give Facebook Live a try:

If one of your goals is to attract more attention, then why not use this tool to get noticed. You will gain trust from your existing and new customers will be able to both see and hear you, a more personal way of engaging with your target audience. So start small by doing shorter videos, focusing on new events or promotions, and gradually we believe your followers, and confidence will start to grow.






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