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Later: Social Media Management Review

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Why We Love Later, The Instagram Scheduler 

If you’re not familiar with Later, you’re already behind the times! Later is a social media app that lets you schedule your content for up to a month in advance.  It is rapidly becoming a must-have app for social media users. Initially designed for Instagram, Later can also be used for scheduling your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest posts too.  It is a universal scheduling tool that makes your life easier! Here’s our brief review of Later, and we’ll end by telling you what we really think of it. 

What is Later For? 

Imagine being able to plan and schedule a week’s content in less than half an hour. That’s what you can do with Later. Use the drag and drop content editor to add content to your feed, and the calendar for planning ahead, you can get everything ready for scheduling in minutes.  Then use the Auto Publish function to set things in motion. There’s no need for notifications to remind you, as Later does it all for you! This is a comprehensive, well-designed, and simple to use tool that you might wonder how you did without it.  

More About Later – Uses and Cost 

You spend a lot of time planning your social media posts to push your business, and that’s great. But what you really need is to be able to plan and then leave that behind, safe in the knowledge it will get done. You can then get on with the parts of the business that need your ongoing attention – those where your expertise lies – let Later handle the scheduling of your digital marketing posts automatically. This is a tool where the benefits combine to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness, as well as improving return on investment. 

You’re probably reluctant to use scheduling apps because the cost can be high, but we are confident you’ll find Later to be great value. You can have an individual plan for free – for ever, with all the basic features – but if you’re looking to grow your business using Instagram, there’s a choice of plans offering different options, each of which is geared towards a particular type of user. Here are the plan options for Later, complete with costs at the time of writing: 

Free – this is the basic level of Later, and it really is completely free. You get the basic features including the ‘Lite’ version of Linkin Bio, one profile per social media platform, and 30 posts for each platform per month. You also get the basic version of Instagram Analytics.  

Plus – aimed at Power Users and Solopreneurs, the Plus Later package is ideal if you run a small business online or simply want to get your profile boosted to more viewers. In addition to the basics, you get the full Instagram Analytics plus 100 posts per month – there’s still only one user allocated – plus Pinterest analytics, the ability to add text to images, and Instagram stories scheduling and more. For just $7.50 per month. 

Premium – this is the best package for solo users as you get all the available analytics options plus much more.  You’ll get 2 profiles per social media platform and 250 posts on each per month.  Nothing is omitted from this package.  It includes everything you need to get the best profile on all your social media platforms for $16 per month.  We believe this package has great value. 

Starter and Brand – priced at $24 and $41 per month, the Starter and Brand packages are designed for business users who will have more than one account on each social media platform. With Starter you can have up to 3 profiles, and Brand allows up to 5, each with unlimited posts per account.  

The Features of Later You Need to Know About 

What’s so special about Later? It is an easy-to-use scheduling app that has some innovative and particularly useful features, including the following: 

  • Auto Scheduling means users will never miss a post once they’ve set it to go 
  • Linkin-bio is a feature on all plans, even the most basic – more about this below 
  • Easy to read Visual Content Calendar keeps everything up to date 
  • Feed preview is simple to use with drag and drop 
  • Full analytics so users can keep up with their progress 
  • Features for captions and location tagging 
  • Can also be used with Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest 

Everything is included for effortless Instagram scheduling, and the above are just some of the features you will find invaluable once you start using it. 

What is Linkin Bio? 

Linkin.Bio has been developed for Later to enable users to further improve their presence and build brands successfully. Designed to work seamlessly with Instagram, it allows you to use your Instagram account to much greater effect by way of a variety of innovative functions. 

For example, you can use your Linkin.Bio to link an Instagram post to a specific article or other content.  You can use it to drive viewer to your Shopify store by tagging individual posts. If you don’t have such a store, you can use Instagram to link to product pages too. You can share multiple links to one Instagram post by using Linkin.Bio, and it comes with full analytics to keep track of your return on investment. It’s an essential tool if you want to get the best value for money from your Instagram account. 

What We Think of Later 

Bring all the elements of Later together, and you have a superbly presented, easy to use and effective social media scheduling app. The various plans are sensibly priced to appeal across the board.  It has many impressive features that make Instagram marketing and scheduling a lot easier and less time-consuming. Perhaps most interesting of all is the ability to add Linkin.Bio.  This opens many avenues for brand promotion and increased return on investment. Put simply, you need Later if you want your social media presence to be noticed by potential customers, and each package has excellent value. 


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Get marketing updates, insights, review management information, contests and more in your inbox every month. We don’t like peeling bananas [spam] out of our inboxes either. Your information is safe!


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