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Marketing is telling the world you are a rockstar; reviews from your customers show that you are one. In fact, online reviews can make your business sink or swim. Successful digital companies are well-aware of their reputations; however, many “brick and mortar” businesses are oblivious to how they are viewed by their customers and prospects on the internet. Reviews will increase your reputation, in-store sales, as well as traffic. In the age of social media, online reputation management is not only applicable to every business, but ignoring it can cost you both customers and money.

Our training will help your business become that unfair advantage.


Don’t be average.
Be the best.

With authentic 5 star reviews you can attract new customers easily and effectively so you can grow your business and surpass your competitors.


Trust improves customer retention.

83% of customers say they trust online reviews more than referrals from friends. While retention builds referrals, online reviews keep you going.


Influence customer buying decisions

Your future customers are using crowd-sourced online reviews to make their buying decisions - will your business be chosen?


Whether its winning more leads, earning repeat customers, or improving your digital visibility locally, our training will help your business succeed.
Review Automation (Software) – There are numerous automation software packages to help your business get more reviews, help with management (responding, tracking, reputation management), surveys, google messaging, and texting. Our team will help you understand the various options available, which is suited best to your industry, the overall pros/cons, and what we suggest to use. We have used multiple vendors with our own clients such as: Podium, BirdEye, Checkkit,, and we will help guide you in making the decision that is right for your business.
Yes, those pesky negative reviews. They happen and they are sometimes unavoidable. We’ve worked with many business owners over the years to show them how to respond, report, manage, and even guide them into proper customer service so they can satisfy customers and remove negative reviews. Various methods are available to you as an owner, but most importantly how you handle the response of a negative review is critical for both your success as well as being a method for driving more clients to choose your business – we’ll show you how.
How do you utilize your own staff to get more reviews for your business? We will show you many fun and cool things you can do to get your staff thinking about the importance of reviews and how they can contribute to your bottom line.
We will give you the outlook for reviews, why they should be your top priority, as well as giving you pointers on how to respond to positive reviews for your business.
One of the most important tools for any “brick and mortar” small business owner. As simple as it may look, there are many key ingredients to making a recipe for success. From proper hours, categories, utilization of posts (what to post, when to post, types of posts) etc. There is much to learn to keep your business prospering, and we’ll guide you to success.
Outside of Google My Business there are various niche platforms such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, Trip Advisor, Trust Pilot, Rate MDS, and more. We will guide you through the basic elements of the most popular platforms, as well as how to ensure you manage your reviews on your selected platform properly. We will also shed light onto which platforms are best suited to your industry.
We will give you a quick overview of Facebook Recommendations, including how to respond, report, and more.

We will dive into the impact of reviews and where they stand from an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) level for your business online.

One-on-One Training Information:

Our training is one-on-one meaning you will not get a recording or a webinar. We will meet at a time convenient to you, so that we have time to answer all of your questions; this is what makes our training unique and valuable for your business, and it allows you to take what you’ve learned and implement it right away.

If you need further consulting on review management, our team is available to help your business find the perfect path forward to achieving online success.

Our 1 hour – One-on-One Training costs: $249 

Training is 1 hour in length and is one-on-one. We will meet through Zoom meeting during the time you have selected.
We provide a cheat sheet to all our clients that attend our training that will give you an overview of what you have learned, as well as reminders on how to implement items for your business.
Because everyone’s time is valuable, there are no refunds for any cancellations or no-shows. If you need to change your time, we require 48 hours notice otherwise no refund will be given.
Yes, as long as they are able to meet on the Zoom meeting link. For groups of five or more, there will be a small additional fee.

Dominate Local Search

Make happy customers your business's unfair advantage. Take full control of your reputation, protect your brand, and be the preferred choice.

Earn New Customers

Gain new business, get more referrals, and get more traffic. It’s a simple as that. Our training will help you make a solid plan going forward

Review Generation

Once you’re done with our training, take what you’ve learned and implement it in an effortless way to generate reviews for your business.


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