The Marshall Clinic

Web Design / Internet Marketing / Graphic Design

Throughout decades, the Marshall family has demonstrated a common trait: their motivation to care for people.

Providing quality, patient-focused treatment is a family attribute – it’s continued through 93 years! We believe that good healthcare is a partnership between the practitioner and the client. The Marshall Clinic aims to provide the highest standard of care possible in Vancouver dentistry – to be so gentle and caring you’ll leave with a smile!

Digital Apeel believed in the clinic and the dentists because they set out to be different by being caring and working with their patients to truly get them where they want to be with their oral health. We wanted to bring the clinic’s marketing to life – to really show just how seriously special they are. The Marshall Clinic is not your average dental clinic, not by a long shot. Gentle Hands, Caring hearts, indeed.  Digital Apeel worked on: Internet marketing, online reputation management, branding, SEO, & social media marketing. 



Step inside the Marshall Clinic and instantly feel at home. We offer the best in preventive dentistry, restorative dentistry, oral surgery and more, all while providing a caring, patient-centered environment. Providing quality, patient-focused treatment has been a family attribute since 1925.  We designed an internal strategy to help the Marshall Clinic  receive more reviews from their patients, on third-party providers like Google, Facebook and Rate MD. 


 We took the website into 2018 while maintaining the clean and friendly look and feel. Utilizing the same layout, we modernized it by removing some elements and adding new ones. We also re-configured the site it to work within an updated Theme and Content Builder, specifically, Elementor. We designed the patient education section to be easier to navigate while also increasing the websites speed with our select partner – WP Engine. 

What We've Done

We helped The Marshall Clinic increase their brand awareness through online marketing and by doing so attract new patients to their practice. 

Increase in


Increase in online reviews from patients.