Why We Love Elementor – 1 year in!

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Why We Love Elementor – 1 year in!

At Digital Apeel we are WordPress (WP) consultants and designers at heart and are always looking to push boundaries in design.  But more importantly we give our clients a way of managing their own websites when they must make changes. Even though some clients want to be hands-off, a lot of clients still want to have the ability to make changes when needed – especially on the fly. After the trial of a lot of different themes within WordPress, we came across Elementor when it was still new. They now have topped over 1 million installs and it’s clear as to why they’ve become one of the best WP content builders in the marketplace.

When we found Elementor we honestly couldn’t believe how user friendly it was.  Sure, it took some getting used to as does any unfamiliar software but once you have the hang of it, it’s easy. Our clients have found it easy to work with. One of our own clients surprised us by being able to configure their own online form! If that doesn’t tell you how easy it is to use, not sure what else does! You and your clients alike will just need to focus on training how to add/save templates, but the rest of it is pretty easy to use. There are loads of videos, a Facebook group, and manuals out there for usage. It’s only growing.

So, how’s it been going? 1 year in?

Amazing is an understatement. We’ve moved away from all our main themes and moved all our clients to Elementor. We work with two themes that are clean: OceanWP [link] and Astra. These are the two cleanest and fastest loading themes and seem to work extremely well with Elementor. You can use other themes out there, but they may not all be compatible with Elementor. So, keep that in mind when you switch over. Both themes have free and paid options, with additional paid add-ons. Do your comparison: Both themes have their pros and cons.  Figure out what features you require, and which plugins will work best with your brand and your site.

Pros: OceanWP: Support is fast if you pay.  OceanWP has more plugin options available such as Instagram, Sticky Side panel, etc.

Pros: Astra: Super-fast loading, support is fast.  It does not have JQuery but has amazing options for blogging setup.

We found our clients love using Elementor.  Once you get used to the ins and outs, you feel confident in updating your own sites and don’t need to worry about code breaks, or other details that make running a WordPress site difficult.

Let’s get into some details, shall we?

Pixel perfect website

If you can dream it, you can create it within Elementor. There are so many elements that you will be able to drag and drop. It’s truly incredible. Your design process is simple. No more coding, and you can fine tune every detail – from fonts, to headings, to, sliders, icons, Facebook feeds, google maps, image galleries, so much more.   

Landing Pages:

If you are a landing pages builder – you are in serious luck. Elementor has all the features you could want to build landing pages. Elementor provides the ability to hide the header/footer or make specific ones. Not only that but you can integrate forms easily with a click.  Flexible drag and drop, integrations, pop-up builders, and more. You will have your landing page built faster than you can imagine.

Pre-Made Templates:

Elementor has pre-made templates and utilizes “blocks” for various sections of the website.  Pre-made templates are also available on Astra and OceanWP, and the great thing about any section/theme is that you can use a combination of what you like. You can save out sections of themes and utilize them in your own way to create your website.

We designed Digital Apeel using Elementor and based it off several different templates and blocks.  Before you buy either theme, see which template works for your business, and just keep in mind some cost money.

Mobile/Tablet A/B Testing:

This my friends, is sheer genius. You can test and change elements, fonts, width, and adjust things on the fly to work with mobile devices, tablets, and desktop displays. Mobile is the way of the future, so to have this easy way of changing your site on the fly gives any consultant or designer the ability to jump for joy!  It’s so easy to use it’s almost too good to be true!

Headers & Footers

The fact you can build your header and footer separately from the actual website is amazing.

Doing this allows you to even create specific headers for mobile only. You can decide quickly how you want your header and footer displayed on a tablet or mobile, and where the cut off is. We build all our headers and footers outside of the theme and straight in Elementor. It works magically.

This header is designed in Elementor with the menu loading in from WP. You can customize colours and drop downs straight from inside Elementor.
Our own header is made within Elementor


Library of Headers Available (Pre-Made)


Our own Footer:

Library of Footers:


Elementor integrates into some amazing marketing tools, social networks, and plugins.

Here’s a quick list:

MailChimp, Drip, Active Campaign, ConvertKit, HubSpot, Zapier, Get Response, MailerLite, MailPoet, Facebook, Slack, Google Maps, Vimeo, Youtube, SoundCloud, Daily Motion, and Discord.


If you are heavily into blogging and are looking to build and define your website around a blog like we’ve done, there are multiple options in each theme. Astra does give you the most flexibility around look and file. If you’d like to step it up one notch higher you can investigate a plugin like JetBlog For Elementor [https://jetblog.zemez.io/]. This allows you to design your blog like a news site or use a more fluid design. Look at the different features you require before you purchase themes. There are various customizations available in Elementor as well, but between OceanWP and Astra there are some limitations on look and feel.


This is what we love best! You can officially delete contact form 7, Gravity Forms, or any other form plugin (Sorry to all of them!). That’s right, Elementor has the capability to keep everything in-house including forms for your website. Easy to control straight from the page itself.  (Screen shot). This feature is both amazing from a consultant side but also from a client side. When clients want constant changes to forms, you can coach them how to make or change the forms as they see fit. It’s incredibly easy! Take a look at our screen capture below:

Form Options: Includes Captcha, MailChimp Integration, and Email 2 – which will send an email alerting your customer that you will get back to them shortly.  If you require a way to keep track of your forms within WP – there is a plugin called FORM DB for Elementor. We utilize this with most of our clients and it will keep track of any form sent within your dashboard.  [download link]

Our own contact form built and customized in Elementor.



MailChimp is one of the most utilized email marketing campaign tools on the internet. With its ease of use and cost, many companies use it. Elementor integrates seamlessly into MailChimp both from a form stand point and a themes (Ocean WP and Astra) standpoint.

License & Cost:

The Free Option has limitations as you can obviously expect.

$49 – will get you one website installation

$99 Pro – will  get you 3 Websites

$199 – will get you Unlimited websites.

Elementor is always improving and updating features along with free templates and blocks within the software that you get for free with updates. We’ve seen many features and improvements over the last year. If it continues to grow, which we are sure it will, we look forward to the ride! If you have any questions,  or need integration help, get in touch with our team or post a comment below!


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Alisa Makowski

Alisa Makowski

Alisa lives and breathes marketing, it runs in her blood, that and coffee. Alisa is the top peeler here in our village of monkeys. Falling in love with marketing at a young age, Alisa has worked with various corporations while obtaining her B.Sc in Marketing. Over the course of only a few years, she was able to dominate her craft in the areas of: Web, Social, and Traditional Marketing. In that time period, she was able to work with companies such as The Furnace Company, Costco and with loyalty programs such as Aeroplan and Air Miles.

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